SLIDELL - Local Military members and their families are responding to the Syrian action, as a large group celebrated the safe homecoming of a local woman who was deployed in the Middle East. 

The room cheered and waved American flags as she walked in.

It was an unexpected homecoming celebration for Air Force Master Sergeant Nina Schrank. The mother of four little ones is just back after six months in Qatar. Like many in the military, she is humbled to serve, even during times of heightened awareness with the Syria bombing.

"Our job in the military is always for protection, and whatever our President decides to do, we're always going to support anything he decides to do. But I mean, just in America, we always, have to be more heightened and aware of what's going on. But you know, we're the greatest nation in the world," said Schrank. 

Honoring her at the Southside Café were the Slidell Ladies for Liberty, a group that has sent 19,000 care packages to deployed troops. Annette Hall is one of the founders. She and other family members served in the Navy. When she heard of the tomahawks, she immediately thought of military families.

"It frightens me for the family. We know that we have boots on the ground in Syria and if they'll use chemical weapons on their own people, they'll certainly do it on our own military over there," said Hall. 

The Syria action made a Vietnam veteran proud of the troops.

"It's just a good thing that we have a good military here because it means everything. You don't really realize how easy we have it in this country until you've been elsewhere," said  Mike Schultz, one of the managers at Southside Café. 

The most touching words were from military mother Gina Guillory. Her son Michael was killed while serving in Afghanistan and her daughter Tiffany is serving overseas now. As news of the bombing broke, her phone rang nonstop with words of support and love. She wants the same for the troops.

"This is what makes America great, is when we come together and we support. It's not about the politicians. It's not about being liberal or conservative, Republican, Democrat, it's about how we raised our kids, sticking together as family, you know we're Americans, said Guillory who wears a gold and blue star around her neck with a picture of her hero son. 

There are 330 Louisiana Soldiers and Airmen deployed in Western Europe, Afghanistan, Africa, Kuwait and Qatar.

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