BOGALUSA - Investigators say a Mississippi man was killed after he gave chase to a thief in Bogalusa Saturday.

According to Bogalusa Police, the shooting happened around 6:23 p.m. Saturday near the intersection of Bund Street and Sullivan Drive. The shooting took the life of 54-year-old Jon Kelly Smith of Lumberton, Miss.

Officers arriving at the scene could not find a shooter or victims. A short time later, the Pearl River County Sheriff’s Office contacted Bogalusa Police and reported that they were investigating a shooting.

Smith’s wife told investigators that the couple had traveled to Bogalusa Saturday night to “collect a debt from someone that owed them money.” The wife said a man approached their vehicle on Bund Street and grabbed the checkbook containing a small amount of cash.

The woman said Smith then chased after the thief, but the man fired a gun at Smith, striking him three times. Smith then got back into his vehicle and told his wife that he would be alright to drive home. Smith died inside the vehicle between Bogalusa and Lumberton.

Police received a tip that a man was seen discarding a black object into a trash can in the 1700 block of St. Louis Street. Investigators recovered a black checkbook that listed an address in Lumberton, Miss.

The shooting is still under investigation. Police have not identified any suspects.