WASHINGTON PARISH- Residents in Mt. Hermon have replayed the night of April 11 over and over, in fear.

"It just like pow pow pow pow," said JoAnn Trotter, "I roll out of bed, hit the floor."

"Several in a row," said Marcus Hale. "That's when my wife discovered the bullet hole in the wall."

In all, 22 people reported bullets in their vehicles or homes. Law enforcement said three of the bullets came within inches of where some folks, including children, ages three and eight, slept.

Monday, calm returned to the small community with confessions from and arrests of 19-year-old Dakota Tetreau, 18-year-old Desmond Warren, and 17-year-old Bailey Koon.

"Their statement was simply that it escalated from road signs to mailboxes, then cars, then the houses," said Det. Jimmy Seals. "It was never any intention to cause any harm to a person."

The young men told detectives they used four weapons, two shotguns, a rifle and a handgun, while driving around in Koon's mother's car acting "careless and stupid."

It took five long months to get to this point after tireless investigating and a $6,000 reward offer.

The break in the case came when a detective followed a hunch that the culprits were kids, since no fingerprints or DNA matched any samples in the state's database. So he set up shop in parking lots asking the teenage community what they'd heard and what they knew. Detectives say Warren's name started coming up, then records from a cell phone tower in Mt. Hermon showed his phone pinged 43 times during the time frame of the shootings.

While the community is relieved the case is now closed and the sheriff has a message for the entire parish.

"To make it a better community, we must get involved," said Sheriff Randy Seal. "And to be involved that means if we know anything we need to be talking it. We need to be telling it."

The charges are as follows: four counts of attempted manslaughter, 18 counts of aggravated assault by drive by shooting, 22 counts of aggravated criminal damage to property and 22 counts of shooting a firearm from a moving vehicle. The sheriff's office says that 18 counts of terrorizing were originally included in the list of charges, but are now not being pursued.

All three suspects are in the Washington Parish Jail with bonds of $220,000.