ST. TAMMANY PARISH -- News that Nannette Krentel didn’t die in a fire could not have come at a worse time.

Dozens gathered to remember Krentel at St. Michael’s Episcopal Church this afternoon as police announced that Krentel was not killed by the fire, but was fatally shot.

“We got the information as everybody else did via new outlets, we happened to be in the middle of a memorial service,” Chris Hines with St. Tammany Parish Fire District 12 said.

One of those stunned by the news was Nanette Krentel’s husband, St. Tammany District 12 Fire Chief Steve Krentel. When Friday’s update came in, friends say he was so overwhelmed he had to be taken aside.

“We are disappointed at the timing of the release of the information,” Hines said. “We kind of expected that maybe the family would have been notified prior, one of us would have been notified prior.”

We reached out to the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office, but no one was available for comment. When they released the revelation on Nanette Krentel’s death though, the Sheriff vowed answers for her the family.

"Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family during this tragic time," Sheriff Randy Smith said, "and I want to reassure them that we are diligently working on this case and our detectives will continue to work until we have all of the answers."

The state fire marshal’s office continues to investigate the cause of the fire, while the Sheriff’s Office is investigating Krentel’s death.

As more details come to light, Hines said Chief Krentel’s friends and brethren will be there to help him through.

"We're going to rally behind our brother in his time of grief."