ST. TAMMANY - When Hayley Pedigo leaves her Covington-area home, she always keeps an eye out.

But she's not looking for a missing item or a hard-to-spot store.

Her search is for the perfect place to spread kindness in the form of positive messages on painted rocks.

"I get this crazy feeling when I go and place my rocks. Someone's going to find it, who's going to find it?" Pedigo said. "And you never know if it's just really going to pick someone up one day that really needs it, you never know."

Pedigo first picked up a paint brush for this project after seeing it take off in other places across the country and as close as St. Mary Parish.

She started the Facebook group "St. Tammany Parish Rocks!," which has almost 1,000 members, all cranking out colorful rocks and leaving them in populated areas around the parish for people to find. Others have popped up in Slidell and Bogalusa too.

"It makes us feel good to know that somebody found it and they're usually very grateful that they found it and almost everyone said it put a smile on their face when they found a rock," she said.

So what happens if you find a rock? You can either keep it, or you can re-hide it, but you're asked to share your find with the Facebook group, "St. Tammany Parish Rocks!" Then you're asked to make your own rock and put it out in hopes of continuing to spread the sweet messages.

Pedigo says the most rewarding part of the effort is seeing children included and impacted.

"We're not making miracles," she said, "It's just a simple rock, a simple gesture, which is really important to instill in our children because I think a lot of that is getting lost along the way."

It's art on the surface, but heart behind the brush.

The group's Facebook page also has tips on where to get the rocks, what kind of paint materials work best and the do's and don'ts of where to leave the rocks once complete.