MANDEVILLE -- In a matter of hours, a suspect sketch became a surveillance video snapshot, and finally an arrest.

Ronald Douglas Moore Jr., 25, was booked with first-degree rape, aggravated burglary and attempted first-degree murder after allegedly raping the 53-year-old woman Saturday night.

Tuesday morning, Victoria Ikeda personally thanked Mandeville Police for that quick work in a violent rape case that had many like her feeling a rare fear.

"I feel really safe in this community and I know they work hard to make that happen," Ikeda said.

Ikeda is part of the "Northshore Mama's" Facebook page, which was one of hundreds that shared details of the crime throughout the weekend.

MORE: Clothes in man’s home lead to arrest in Mandeville home invasion, rape

The case involved a man breaking into an Old Mandeville home through an open window, then holding hostage, beating and raping a 53-year-old woman for hours.

Police say they tracked the suspect's on-foot movements after the attack through area surveillance videos. Then, they tracked down a car he paid to bring him home. That, and the help of social media tips, led them to Lacombe where they found Moore and the clothes he was allegedly wearing during the attack.

The victim tells police she absolutely did not know this suspect. So, now, detectives are trying to determine if he simply stumbled out of the bar he'd gone to earlier that night and happened upon her home, or if something he said to the victim during the attack indicates he knew her through social media stalking.

That comment, according to police, was in regard to the victim posting her address on Facebook. While police say they haven't yet found any evidence of that, they say the possibility should be a warning to everyone.

"It's just about not being complacent and being safe," said Mandeville Police Chief Gerald Sticker.

Officers say danger can lie in checking in your location, posting pictures of your vacations while you're out of town and even leaving your profile public.

"That could be used by the wrong person to gain access to you," Sticker said.

It's something that's always on Ikeda's mind.

"It's just the way of the world these days," she said. "Just keep your family safe and look into how to keep your profile safe."

She's hoping that stays on everyone's mind from now on.

Moore was on probation for prior burglary and drug charges at the time of this arrest. He remains in the St. Tammany Parish Jail.