HAMMOND --  Not being able to hug Darius "Day Day" Latin on Easter Sunday was hard for his mother Debra, but what broke her heart was not being able to watch him share fun and loving moments with his children.

"We just keep taking things day by day, trying to cope with it, but we ain't going to cope with it until we get closure," she said.

The 22-year-old was murdered in a brazen attack on Dec. 28.  Police say someone kicked in the door of his apartment on Whitmar Street in Hammond and shot him to death while he was asleep in the same bed with his girlfriend and three toddlers.

"Leave no doubt about it, this was a true act of violence in the worse sense," said Police Chief James Stewart.

Police did make an obstruction of justice arrest in connection to this case early on and are offering a $2,500 reward, but they are also frustrated to see little to no results from both of those efforts.

"We've got people cooperating, we've had some good interviews, we've got a few outstanding leads we're trying to massage through, but nothing that we feel confident we can bring to a DA's Office," Stewart said. "As far as we're concerned, if the public has more information, as small as it may be, we're asking them to please give us a call."

Latin not only shares that plea for information to the public, but she's extending one to the killer too.

"If they would, we would love, in our hearts, please turn yourself in," Latin said. "Go to the police department and turn yourself in and make it easy on yourself."

With the community continuing to show her family support, Latin hopes this new attention on the case will help her find some sort of closure before another holiday passes.

Tips on this case can be submitted anonymously to Crimestoppers of Tangipahoa at 1-800-554-5245.  Again, a $2,500 reward is being offered for information that leads to an arrest and conviction.