COVINGTON -- For the fourth year in a row, some Secret Santas are sharing their $100 bill blessings with their community.

More than $6,000 is being spread throughout Covington by elves wearing blue and badges, also known as police officers.

Since the operation started, more than $25,000 has given people in the community some last-minute, much needed Christmas cash.

But both the police and the donors say the gesture isn't about the money; it's about the boost in spirit.

"Especially this time of the year, it's so important that we give back and our officers absolutely enjoy it, take pleasure to put a smile on someone's face," said Covington Police Chief Tim Lentz.

"Any time you're able to bring joy to somebody else's life, it's a blessing," said Officer George Turgeau.

And for recipients like cancer patient Carol Mitchell, the gift is a chance to kick off a cycle of goodwill.

"I think it's lovely," she said, "I think if you cast your bread upon the water, somehow it will come back to you."