PEARL RIVER- The trick-or-treat tradition in the neighborhood off of Oak Street, where nearly one thousand children spend their Halloweens every year, is a special one to residents like the Wylies.

"My job is opening bags and dumping them and hers is handing it out," said Jay Wylie.

Now they're in disbelief over what police are investigating.

"I have chills," said Rhonda Wylie. "I have chills right now. It makes me sick to my stomach."

"It really is a shame," said Jay.

Detectives say a child who got a sizeable stash from the neighborhood Halloween night asked his mom Monday night for a piece of it.

"He went and picked it out and he picked a little Kit Kat, a 2-piece Kit Kat bar. She opens up the package and as she opens up the two bars apart, leaving one inside, she goes to hand it to him and felt something protruding from the end," said Pearl River Police Chief J.J. Jennings.

It turned out to be a small push pin needle, less than an inch long. The family brought it, and the child's entire candy bag, to police right away.

"These people are sincere," said Jennings. "They're scared, they're nervous that this was found."

After interviewing the family and inspecting the candy and wrapper, police contacted the candy maker who says not only do they not use needles like that in their production, but they also run all candy through a metal detector before shipping it out.

Now, the police investigation is turning to the community.

"Anybody heard anybody say they stuck a needle in there, please let us know, give us a phone call, even if they think it was a joke," said Deputy Chief Daniel Hunter. "Something that can help us out."

Police are advising parents to be extra vigilant with their children's candy, or just throw it away. Families like the Wylies are committing to check their handouts before Halloween night in the future.

Law enforcement is asking any other families that find an issue with their children's candy to report it. They say that'll help them start narrowing down where specifically the candy could have come from.