SLIDELL -- A new display is going up at the Who Dat Shoppe in Olde Towne.

The blue light bulbs may seem odd among all the black and gold and purple, but owner Ronnie Dunaway says it symbolizes the most important team he supports, which is area law enforcement.

"I think it's important that the police know the citizens do support them," Dunaway said. "I don't know if people come up to them all the time and say they support them, but putting a blue light and they drive around at night on their night shifts, I think they'll get a pretty good idea just how much we do support them."

The lights are for sale at several Slidell stores, including the Who Dat Shoppe, for $2 a piece or two for $3. Former state senator A.G. Crowe is backing the effort by providing the bulbs.

"The idea is to get them to come into the location, support the local businesses, pick up their light bulbs, put them on the front porch, show the support for police officers," Crowe said.

The bright idea doesn't end there. Every dollar the lights generate goes to the Slidell Police Department to buy bullet-proof vests for its reserve officers.

It's a need that was highlighted during a shootout in Olde Towne Slidell in 2015 where a reserve officer was injured.

"Our reserve department, what a lot of people don't realize, they get the same training as our regular officers," said Slidell Chief Randy Fandal, "They go through an entire P.O.S.T. Academy. When they come out, they have the same training everybody else has, but yet they're doing it for free."

The department currently has about 35 reserve officers, many of whom have vests, but not all.

Some say the light sale is a small effort that can make a big impact and possibly save a life.

"They protect us, so we should do our share to protect them as much as we can," Dunaway said.

Right now, there are five locations in Slidell selling the bulbs: Who Dat Shoppe in Olde Towne, Not Just Donuts on Gause, both Ace Hardware stores on Pontchartrain Drive and Robert Boulevard, and Lee's Hamburgers on Gause.

But any business can get on that list.

Head to http://shopslidellusa.Online/ for more information on getting blue lights for your home or business.