COVINGTON – The state’s office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control has shut down a Covington-area e-cigarette shop after an investigation the agency says showed the business illegally sold controlled dangerous substances, something the owners dispute.

Langley's Vapes prides itself on offering what it says are high quality electronic cigarettes and e-juices to the Covington community and beyond since 2013. The shutdown of Langley’s comes after an extensive undercover operation after which the agency alleged 73 counts of illegally selling, offering for sale or possessing a controlled dangerous substance.

The ATC said it routinely inspects businesses like Langley's as part of its regulation of alcohol and tobacco products.

The agency said a visit last month kicked off and investigation that led to the temporary closure signs on the doors Friday.

The owners said they believe the issue is over one ingredient in a product that is distributed across the country, which they said they were unaware was included.

Langley's said it reached a settlement with the ATC and that it will reopen next Tuesday after paying a fine.

Because it was not marketed t be included, once it was known, all questionable products were pulled from the shelves. They said they are working with the ATC to resolve the matter, which they contend had no ill will behind it.

The allegations against Langley's stem from undercover purchases of different products on separate occasions that tested positive for two ingredients that are illegal in Louisiana, including THC, which is found in marijuana.

The violations are in regard to the business’ permit to operate and could result in hefty fines.

The St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office was part of the investigation, but to date, deputies say no arrests or criminal actions have taken place.