ANGIE, La. – The Humane Society of Louisiana says a family is grieving after their 2-year-old pit bull was stolen, shot and found dumped in a ditch Sunday.

The Humane Society said the dog, named Dex, was reported missing from the family’s property in the Enon community of lower Washington Parish on June 16.

The dog’s body was found in a ditch of Hwy 438 near Balltown Road in Angie Sunday. The Humane Society says a plastic trash bag covered the dog’s head and it had been shot near the chest.

Executive Director Jeff Dorson shared photos of the dog's body on Facebook. (Warning Graphic Photos)

“It appeared that the body had been in that position for the previous 3-4 days,” the Humane Society said.

Third party groups including the Freckles Freedom Fund and the Humane Society have offered a $3,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the dog’s death.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office detective Demetria Rice at 985-839-3434, extension 2004.