ST. TAMMANY – The St. Tammany Parish Office is warning residents of a scam involving a group of men arriving at homes in the area unannounced regarding repairwork.

According to the sheriff’s office, an elderly Madisonville woman told deputies about an incident where four to six Hispanic men came to her home unsolicited regarding repair work to her roof. The woman let the men into her home to discuss the repairs further.

The sheriff’s office says the woman retrieved some money to pay them and some of the men went outside to begin repairs while one stayed inside attempting to distract her.

After the woman refused to give them the money, the men left in a white pickup truck with ladders on the top of it.

Once the group of men left, the woman noticed the money she had taken out was missing, according to the sheriff’s office. The men gave the woman a business card, however the address and phone number on it were fake.

Detectives warn residents to not let unsolicited repairmen into their homes and to request identification from them. Additionally, residents are urged to call police if anyone shows up to your home unexpectedly and acting suspiciously.