HAMMOND – Residents of Tangipahoa Parish are casting a wary eye in the direction of the Tangipahoa River after two serious flood incidents in 2016 have many of them gun shy.

The Woodbridge subdivision in Hammond was one of those neighborhoods where residents had to recover twice from floodwaters in 2016. With the prospect of Cindy dropping up to 12 inches of rain, which could then cause rivers to overflow, residents aren’t taking any chances. Those who are able to are helping those whose homes are more vulnerable by sandbagging homes and clearing drainage paths.

“I really don’t think this is going to do as much as that did last year,” said one resident in between bagging. “We’re not expecting 30 inches of rain! And, the parish has been doing some work on the canals and bridges. They’ve been doing a good job at what they can.”

Most of those who talked to Eyewitness News Tuesday said they were preparing for impact, but not expecting things to be nearly as bad as a year ago.