Salt and sand trucks are on standby in Northern Tangipahoa Parish, were officials are preparing for sleet and snow.

Parish leaders say they have everything they need on hand and the residents we spoke with say they aren’t worried about the cold snap.

Emergency Preparedness Director Dawson Primes is monitoring the forecast.

“We're going to start with the sand and the spreaders,” Primes said. “And then as conditions go or deteriorate we'll go to salt after that."

Public schools in Tangipahoa Parish are closed Friday. Thursday night, a winter weather advisory is in effect for the New Orleans and Baton Rouge area.

"We are staging crews as we speak to go out at night to just go out and spot check different locations throughout the night of the Parish, mainly our bridges and overpasses,” Tangipahoa Public Works Director Andy Currier said.

Government offices will be open on Friday, but if the roads do get dangerous, officials will tell parish workers to stay home.

Tangipahoa Parish resident Jeffery Brown said he’s actually looking forward to the cold weather.

"Just enjoy the weather while you can. Cause when the heat comes you're going to be complaining about the heat,” he said.