MANDEVILLE, La. – A priest visiting the Northshore from Haiti, who just missed Hurricane Matthew, is still feeling its effects.

All Father Wildor Pierre could do Wednesday was watch videos of the devastation sweeping across his home country, Haiti.

In a video sent to him by a fellow priest from his church, St. Benoit, you can see wind and rain ripping through his community.

"You cannot imagine," Father Pierre said while watching the video.

Father Pierre left Haiti Sunday evening to come visit their sister church, Mary Queen of Peace in Mandeville, but before he left he did his best to prepare his congregation.

"We didn't have a lot of food to give them but we saved a place to put them," Pierre explained.

Hurricane Matthew pummeled the island, washing away homes, ripping up power lines, and killing at least 19 people in Haiti.

"We are in a bad situation,” said Pierre. “In the community, they lost everything. The crops, all the houses, all of the trees."

Father Pierre's church flooded, the roof has torn off, and nine classrooms have been destroyed.

"We have the storage where we keep the food for the kids, for the lunch program that we have in the parish,” Pierre also said. “We lost all of the food.”

This comes after a devastating earthquake in 2010 rocked the country to its core. Now, the church must be rebuilt, again. Still, through all the desolation, this man of God continues to lean on his faith for strength.

"I'll always say one thing, God is good," said Pierre.

Father Pierre will be the guest priest at Mary Queen of Peace Catholic Church, located at 1501 W. Causeway Approach, in Mandeville through Sunday. Donations can also be taken to the church.