FRANKLINTON – Jail staff at the Washington Parish Jail busted a large cache of smuggled drugs Friday.

Leigh Edward Cutrer, 37, was booked Monday on felony introduction of contraband, felony possession of schedule IV drugs and misdemeanor possession of schedule I drugs.

The Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office says Cutrer was required to report to the jail regularly as a requirement of his probation. While he was passing through the jail security door Friday, staff discovered a large quantity of marijuana, hydrocodone pills and tobacco. The contraband was seized and Cutrer was placed in a cell block.

Deputies say bond will be set for the new charges later this week. Cutrer will not be eligible for release due to violation of his probation.

“Our amazing jail staff does not receive the recognition they deserve,” Sheriff Randy Seal said. “They are the unsung heroes of the criminal justice system and do an awesome job of managing the jail population. I tip my hat to them for a job well done.”