COVINGTON - A woman and her boyfriend, whom she allegedly shot last year, were arrested last week on drug and weapons charges after a traffic stop in Covington.

The incident occurred at Highway 190 and Judge Tanner Boulevard in Covington.

Police making the traffic stop on 38-year-old Monroe Meyers and 33-year-old Winter Flowers, said they found heroin, methamphetamine, a large amount of cash, drug paraphernalia and a sawed-off shotgun wrapped in children's character duct tape.

The St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office said the shotgun was wrapped in Minions duct tape in an apparent attempt to make the gun look like a toy.

Meyers and Winters were taken into custody. The sheriff's office said they previously stayed in a Covington motel.

In November 2015, Flowers was accused of shooting Meyers with an AR-15 rifle in an incident in Livingston Parish. She was arrested for the incident.

"This entire situation is very troubling," said St. Tammany Parish Sheriff Randy Smith. "The entire situation is very troubling. This is obviously a dangerous couple who belong in jail."