NEW ORLEANS -- The National Weather Service has confirmed that a tornado touched down in Baton Rouge today.

According to our partners at WBRZ, a tornado touched down in the Sherwood Forest area of Baton Rouge.

Paramedics told our partners at WBRZ that one person was injured during the storm. Strong winds apparently flipped the man's pickup truck. His injuries are not life-threatening.

Reports from The Advocate said there is no major structural damage after the storm, but tree limbs are down, fences and carports have been damaged, and power lines were severed.

"I was leaving out of the apartment complex and I saw a tornado to the right of me, " resident Adrian Brown said. "Like, it was a really, really big tornado. It took me by surprise.

"Dozens of drivers near the intersection of Old Hammond Highway and Sherwood Forest locked eyes on the sky as an EF-1 tornado come out of nowhere, and then disappeared just as fast.

"I was looking out the window and it was like a big cloud was coming towards us," Miranda Wilson said. "And it was like a big boom, boom, boom, and the lights were blinking on and off."

When the clouds cleared, there was debris strewn about.

Two vehicles became airborne. One of them was lifted and hit the wall of a gas station. Another truck was flipped over while traveling down Old Hammond Highway, and the driver was taken to the hospital. He is expected to make it.