NEW ORLEANS – Somebody stabbed and robbed an Oak Street restaurant employee as he was taking out the trash Monday night.

The robbery, which was caught on video, happened in the alley behind the DTB restaurant near Dublin and Oak streets.

Neighbors in the area said they wish they systemic crime problems would finally end.

“Of course we all wish crime would go away,” said Benjamin Strange, who owns a nearby guitar shop. “But we have such systemic problems in New Orleans, so I don’t expect the crime to be going away anytime soon.”

The stabbing and robbery occurred 11:30 p.m. The robber walked up to the restaurant employee and demanded money. When the employee refused, the two struggled.

That ended with the employee being stabbed several times as the robber made off with the victim’s wallet.

DTB chef-owner Carl Schaubhut said that he won’t let the crime change anything.

“We know and love this neighborhood for what it is, has been and will be. We will not let an incident like this inhibit us from doing what we’re here to do, which is entertain visitors and locals alike with our dining establishment,” Schaubhut said.

"We are sorry about the incident that happened late Monday night. There are already steps being taken by the Oak Street commission to engage and protect all merchants and patrons, so they feel safe day and night,” Schaubhut said.

Police describe the robber as a black man with a brown complexion in his 50s, about 6-foot-3 with a graying goatee.

He wore a black kanga hat, black clothes and black and white tennis shoes. He also wore a watch on his right arm.