NEW ORLEANS -- As Tropical Storm Cindy approaches, New Orleans City leaders say the greatest threat to citizens could be complacency.

"We're in the game now," Mayor Mitch Landrieu warned during a press conference Tuesday afternoon.

The City is considering Tropical Storm Cindy a major weather event. Ken Graham with the National Weather Service joined Landrieu at the podium to remind citizens to hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

"If we get lucky in here, we'll get one-to-three inches, but either way, we have to be able to communicate those impacts and we have to be ready," Graham said.

Many residents we spoke with aren't worried about Cindy, but they're also monitoring this storm very closely.

"I'm a veteran from Katrina, so I pretty much know how these storms run," said Bert Hymes.

Hymes said that no matter how much rain Cindy does, or doesn't, bring to Louisiana, you can never let your guard down during hurricane season.

"We have some sandbags at the house and I got them stacked outside of the place that we live," Hymes said. "We're prepared to stack them if we need them."

As the rain falls, NOPD is reminding residents that water on the road may be much deeper than it appears.

"There's no way to know how deep the water is," NOPD Superintendent Michael Harrison said. "There could be potholes and craters. There could be breaks in the street. We're admonishing not to drive through that water cause there's no way to know how deep it will be."

Even if Tropical Storm Cindy does pass without leaving any damage in its wake, officials are encouraging residents to use this storm as a reminder to build your emergency plan.