JEFFERSON PARISH, La. - When Eyewitness News first broke the story about a 'private' voting machine found in the Registrar of Voters, Dennis DiMarco's conference room, the public sounded off.

That included WWL-TV Political Analyst, Clancy DuBos.

"This is one that hits home for my family," he said. "My mother is 90 years old. Today I was supposed to take her to vote because she gets around on a walker. She called me this morning and said, 'Don't take me to vote today, the lines are too long.' If there were two more voting machines for the public, the wait wouldn't have been so long. Not just today but every day."

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DiMarco told Eyewitness News in an earlier report, the machine was "... a convenience for those whose time is, for lack of a better word, maybe more valuable than others."

"This is insulting to the voters of Jefferson Parish," said DuBos. "I think the Feds ought to investigate. I think there are potential state and federal violations there. These machines are to be used by the public and state law specifically states, these machines have to be available and in public the entire time. There's no provision in the law for a VIP voting booth."

The machine has been seized and an investigation is underway. Thursday night, the press office for Louisiana's Secretary of State's Office said all votes that were cast on the machine will count. However, people are outraged over this entire incident.

Facebook user, Ann Kay Logarbo, commented saying, "So, I have been a doctor for 34 years. I have been on call, meeting someone in the ER or waiting for an emergency and I have gone to vote during the early morning hours to minimize my time away from work. Why should any VIP get special attention at the polls?"

Deborah Wynot wrote, "Who makes the decision of who's important enough to use the secret machine in the private conference room? Can we vote on that? Guess not."

Some even have left comments calling for the removal of DiMarco. It's something DuBos says is possible.

"I think there are potential legal ramifications from this," he said. "From the Federal investigation, perhaps the State Attorney General would investigate, perhaps the Council should investigate because while a Registrar of Voters is appointed for life, the Council could remove him for cause. And violating the State Election Law, seems to me would be just cause. The reason they're (Registrar of Voters) is appointed for life is because they're supposed to be above politics and they're supposed to be fair and unbiased and objective. This runs counter to that. He's supposed to follow the state law, not create little exceptions for friends and VIPs and things like that."