NEW ORLEANS – Parish school board members unanimously approved to transfer McMain Secondary School to InspireNOLA Thursday.

InspireNOLA is the same organization which currently runs Edna Karr High School.

According to a release from the Orleans Parish School Board, members approved the Superintendent’s recommendation to grant InspireNOLA permission to replicate Karr’s Type 3 Charter model.

“As Edna Karr High School has been deemed a high-performing school, under state law and district policy it is eligible for automatic replication,” officials said. "InspireNOLA, as the operator of Karr, has requested permission to replicate as a Type 3 conversion of an existing public school.“

The contract for McMain will be for five years, and as a school in its initial charter term will be subject to the third-year extension provisions of state law and district policy.

“InspireNOLA’s operation of Eleanor McMain Secondary School represents an opportunity to build on the tradition and legacy of the school, which was envisioned as an intentionally diverse learning community from its initial expansion to serve high school grades during the 1970s,” said Dr. Henderson Lewis, Jr., OPSB superintendent.

“I’m dedicated to providing students with the best education possible and am excited to work with the community, faculty, students, and families to continue to foster the growth of such high achieving schools.”

The change will begin at the beginning of the 2017-218 school year.