NEW ORLEANS, La.- With Tropical Depression 16 brewing in the Caribbean Sea, New Orleans and Jefferson Parish officials want residents to know they are prepared.

"Tomorrow morning we have a meeting between officials at the sewerage and water board and with the office of Homeland Security and various other department heads to discuss any updates that they may have for us on pump power and manpower status," Aaron Miller with the New Orleans Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness said Wednesday.

With the city's pumps not up to full capacity, city leaders say Sewerage and Water Board crews are working around the clock.

"Twice a day, I receive not only an email report but a verbal report on pump status, power and manpower as well as a detailed report, as well as multiple other officials on exactly what the timeline is on specific repairs," Miller said.

But coming off Monday's heavy rain and street flooding, assurances from the city may not hold a lot of water for some residents.

In Jefferson Parish, President Mike Yenni tells Eyewitness News they are checking their drainage systems daily, particularly pump station number 6, which covers a portion of Jefferson and the Lakeview neighborhood.

"About 20 percent of the water that goes into the 17th street canal, comes from Jefferson Parish, so obviously that station is running and operable...much better today than it was on August 5th. And Mayor Landrieu has worked with us to make sure that we have connectivity with the station," Yenni said.

Emergency management officials also have staff and personnel on hand.

"Category 1 or strong tropical storm we will go to a partial activation like we did for Cindy, which means we'll have about 20 people in the Emergency Operations Center. We've been very fortunate that we've had three close calls this year and each time we activated to a certain level, and so that gives you the type of practice that you just can't simulate," Joseph Valiente, Director of Emergency Management with Jefferson Parish, said.

Right now the city of New Orleans says they have 108 out of 120 pumps working and three out of six turbines are also up and running.