NEW ORLEANS - It has been eight months since plans to build a soccer complex in a section of The Fly failed. Since then, the number of kids soccer signing up for soccer keeps growing but playing space remains the same.

Approximately 1,300 kids are signed up for soccer this year and there are only two areas to play. Parents say something needs to be done.

"Maybe some more seating a little bit closer to the field and possibly a refreshment area because the one over there is a long hike,” soccer mom Tracy Fraino said.

It's a problem that Carrollton Booster president Rini Marcus knows all too well.

"Schedules are always pretty tight,” Marcus said.

Marcus says they're doing the best they can, but the failed soccer complex at the fly has made things difficult.

"That was such a loss to the kids of new Orleans,” Marcus said.

Now that lot goes unused.

"It's just a shame because there's nobody over there tonight,” Marcus said.

Kids from multiple rec organizations are left sharing a few fields.

"We've been working really well together and have been using the fields on Friday nights and Saturdays and Cuccia Byrnes is mostly for practices,” Marcus said.

Parents have mixed opinions about the failed soccer complex at the fly.

"I just think they need to preserve the nature of the setting here and I think it would just take away from all that,” Fraino said.

"You see a lot more kids out here fighting for soccer space than you do playing on that little playground,” soccer dad Steve Roberts said. “Ultimately the kids lost out."

Everyone agrees something needs to be done about the lack of playing space for future soccer stars.