NEW ORLEANS - The six-month-old baby boy who was shot in Thursday night's triple shooting in Algiers, was rushed to the hospital and into surgery at the Level I Trauma Center at UMC, where trauma surgeons were able to save his life.

Friday there was news. Doctors at UMC were able to stabilize the child, so he could be transported to Children's Hospital where he is in fair condition.

Neighbors in Cypress Run Apartments on Tullis Drive in Algiers are still stunned over what they saw and heard Thursday night around 9 p.m.

"First thing that I heard about baby being shot and I was like, 'My God,'" said Ramon Francis who lives in the complex.

"They have one older guy, he's screaming like, 'Y'all come on! Help! They got a baby done been shot!' You know, everybody's just standing there looking," said Terrell Williams who lives in the complex and saw the scene.

NOPD says there were three people shot in a car that crashed into the parking lot gate. Lenord Moses, 26, of 6100 Tullis Dr. was killed. Friends said it was Moses' baby boy in the car who was also shot.

A second man was taken to UMC with what residents say looked like a gun shot to the leg. It was the wounded and bleeding six-month-old baby boy who residents had to work to save.

"The baby was silent. The baby was silent and by the time the police made it and the ambulance, they like grabbed the baby. And the lady that's holding the baby, she's like, 'Y'all this baby's not crying. The baby not crying," remembers Williams.

We found that lady who was holding that baby and putting pressure on what she said looked like two gunshot wounds to his hips.

"Yeah he was crying. We tried to keep him woke as much as we can because, like I say, he lost conscious {SIC} three or four times and that fourth time it was like, 'Ah ah, we got to keep him woke.' So I started praying and thanking God, you know, just let me be his strength to help this baby survive," said a neighbor and eyewitness who did not want to be identified.

"My prayers go out to all those who are involved. And to those who committed it, may God have mercy on your soul. That's all I can say," said Francis.

"I'm appalled. I'm like, 'A kid?' You can't go no where. You can't bring your children no where. You can't be safe going no where," said Williams.

The mother of the boy is with him at Children's Hospital. That child has lost his father to gun violence, and the mother has asked that we pass on to the community that she needs prayers that her son heals and gets through his trying time.

If you have information call CrimeStoppers 822-1111.