NEW ORLEANS – The city’s new security plan may include all bars having outward facing security cameras which can be tied to the new Crime Monitoring Center.

On Frenchman Street, you can find security cameras all around.

DBA General Manager Michael Kohn says his place will not have to do anything differently if the city mandates the new security measure. He says most bars are already doing that.

"I think people would be surprised how many places especially bars and restaurants have cameras,” Kohn said.

Even though Kohn uses security cameras at DBA, he doesn’t believe the city should force every bar to do the same.

"Outside of...just as a citizen I think that might be a bit of a reach,” he said.

As a part of a $40 million security plan, Mayor Landrieu wants to require all places serving alcohol to have outside security cameras that are monitored 24/7 in the new crime center.

Some bars say they do not want to cooperate.

"It just doesn’t make any sense. It's pointless. That's not a solution,” Abby St. Claire, Voodoo Lounge employee said.

St. Clair said the Voodoo Lounge already has private cameras both inside and out. She does not want the city monitoring those feeds.

"I don't really want to live in a police state, that's not why I moved to New Orleans," St. Clair said.
She also questions how the plan would make the city safer.

“What would be the point of the cameras when you can't even get the police to show up when you need them?" St.Clair said.

As bar owners and employees question the new policy, the mayor and City Council are trying to find a way to enforce it.

"We'll work on what we think the consequences should be,” Landrieu said.