NEW ORLEANS - Police lights and crime tape are a common occurrence for some neighbors in New Orleans East.

"I was very scared, I grabbed my son, we ducked underneath the car because it was very loud," a lady who did not want to be identified said.

However, this morning's shooting left New Orleans Police Officer Marcus McNeil dead.

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"To have our officer shot and killed in such a way, it's terrible," Terrence Brown said.

The shooting has a left a deep scar on the community around it.

"Then you find out he a father, and my heart goes out to him and his family," Denoid Moran said.

Moran and his family live a few streets down from where the shooting happened. He said that despite the area's reputation for crime, the loss of an officer comes as an absolute shock.

"We need more police officers, but when we get more, stuff like this happens," Moran said.

Moran than showed Eyewitness News around his neighborhood. He believes leaders and developers have neglected to do more to improve the area following Katrina.

"Look at all this, all this should have been knocked down or gone," Moran pointed to buildings left abandoned.

He also pointed out overgrown empty lots, all areas that he says needs attention.

"Tara Lane, Tara Lane, Tara Lane was one of the bad places, but when they started putting these up I'm thinking you know it's going to bounce back," Moran said, pointing to new town homes that have recently been put up.

With Friday's tragedy, he's afraid it's a sign that things are slipping.

"There's really just nothing to do outside, they had parks that opened back up, but I just don't think there's nothing family-oriented."

That's why, after the shooting, Moran believes it's a reminder of how much the area and young people in it still desperately need more help.

"But if you could just get to some who want to be helped, I think that's a start," Moran added.