NEW ORLEANS - Was it a rock or something else, like a pellet?

That's the question one of Eyewitness News' reporters is asking.

WWLTV's Jacqueline Quynh was driving home last night on Bienville towards Jeff Davis Parkway when something, hit her sunroof and broke it.

It happened around 7:30. At that time, there was no one else on the street, and it did not seem like something had fallen on the car.

After leaving the area and calling the police, the damage to the roof revealed to be a small hole, comparable to the top of a thumbtack. Small but costly, it's estimated to be about $500 worth.

The NOPD officer who took the report says incidents like this are reported all the time. So Eyewitness News checked in with an auto glass shop.

"We do see occurrences every day, people come in and think it's a bullet," Ann Dufford said.

Duffard with Broad Glass says she sees broken windows every day, and believes for the most part they're from the streets, not weapons. But, she's heard of it happening.

"We see that a lot in the summer, kids are throwing rocks off the neutral ground, or bb guns are coming out, we see more activity in the early summer."

Coincidentally this is the week students are off for Thanksgiving.

"So I haven't heard as much about rocks being thrown at cars around here as they're driving by, but windows on homes that are being broken that's a prominent thing around here," Robert said.

Damon Robert lives near Bienville and Gayoso.

"Somebody had a brick thrown in the window the other day, it's a guy across the street, we had our front little side window broken."

In both instances he says, it appeared nothing was stolen. From an NOPD crime map, it shows there were at least 3 incidents of vehicle break-ins within two blocks of the incident. It doesn't tell you what exactly happened, but that they were reported.

Around the same time of the incident, a friend of another employee at WWLTV called to report her window had been shot while she was driving near the Superdome and the bus terminal.

"I don't know if it's something where they need to step up patrol or something," Robert said.

It's unclear whether the incidents are connected at this time, but it's enough to leave some asking questions.

We'll keep this story updated as we find out more details.