NEW ORLEANS -- For BZ Petroff, the upcoming frost in New Orleans was completely unexpected.

"We're a little worried about New Years Day," Petroff said.

Petroff is in town from San Francisco visiting her daughter. Already, she's missing the California weather and sunshine.

"My daughter lives here and she's a little bit scared about it, it's her first winter here and so she's thinking, 'Is it always this cold in New Orleans this time of year?'" Petroff said.

City officials announced today they are activating their citywide freeze plan starting Sunday and ending Thursday.

Temperatures are expected to dip into the 30s. On New Years Day, wind chills will make it feel like the 20's.

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"These are the blankets we get with donations," LeRoy Moon said.

Moon is the Overnight Manager at Ozanam Inn, a homeless shelter. They house 110 beds and have 30 extra cots ready to give people without a place to stay a warm bed.

"In the chapel, we can put an extra 10 people in here. So, at max, we can get 140 in here," Moon said.

"It's not easy. It's not easy," Sal Mancuso said.

He's worried about the hard freeze and plans on staying at the shelter.

"I thank this place for a lot of things. The meals, the shelter, the clothing and the people that work here," Mancuso said.

If the shelter becomes packed, Moon plans on passing out blankets to those still left on the street.

"To have someone basically freeze to death out on the streets of a major city, nobody wants to see that," he said. "To take the precautions to try and at least help in some form or fashion. Has been the mission of ours from the jump."