NEW ORLEANS -- The city of New Orleans has terminated its $7 million catch basin cleaning contract after the company fell short on several key issues including the amount of basins that could be cleaned, the city said Friday.

RAMJ construction began work on September 6 with a scope of work contract that called for cleaning up to 15,000 of the city's catch basins in 120 days.

The city said it terminated the deal for three reasons:

- RAMJ had said that it had immediate access to 20 vacuum trucks at the time of the bid and to date has only come up with five trucks.

- The goal was to complete 125 catch basin cleanings per day and to date it had cleaned only 347 catch basins since Sept. 6

- The DEQ told the city that RAMJ had failed to properly dispose of waste material captured from the basins in a lawful manner.

The city said RAMJ had been directed to stop performing further work and would be paid for work done to this point.

The city has now issued an award letter to Compliance Envirosystems, LLC, who was determined to have 15 trucks immediately available. The city said it is expediting the contract so that work can begin early next week.

The City of New Orleans fire the company it recently hired to clean out thousands of clogged catch basins according to our partners at The New Orleans Advocate.

The firing comes after the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality found the firm, RAMJ, improperly disposed of the trash it collected and also brought far fewer resources to the table than it had promised.

RAMJ was hired to clean out 15,000 catch basins in 120 days for $7 million. The firm had been on the job for about a week before its work was stopped while the city and DEQ met to discuss whether waste collected from the catch basins was being properly disposed of.

The city is moving forward with awarding the contract to the firm that came in second when the work was bid last month, Compliance Envirosystems LLC., according to The New Orleans Advocate.

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