Firefighters from two parishes and HAZMAT crews were called to one of the troubled pumping stations after reports of a diesel leak Tuesday night.

The Jefferson Parish Fire Department said that a problem at Pumping Station No. 6 caused a diesel fuel leak into the 17th Street Canal around 10:30 p.m. Tuesday. City officials later disputed that initial report Wednesday morning.

Firefighters from Orleans and Jefferson parishes worked through the night to investigate the incident. Tyronne Walker, Communications Director with the Mayor's Office, said there are no signs that oil was leaking from the pumping station.

"There was no signs last night, and so far, of any type of leak actually coming from drainage pump No. 6.," Walker said.

Walker said that many drainage systems from the city flow into the canal and any possible oil leaks could come from other sources.

"The last time there was a report of a gas odor or oil in the canal when they investigated, they concluded that a nearby auto mechanic shop was improperly dumping oil into one of their drains," Walker said.

Walker said that HAZMAT crews are responding to the scene to investigate the incident.

Pumping Station No. 6 is one of the pumping stations that had serious problems during the July and August flooding events. Officials say six of the 15 pumps at the station are down, causing frustration for neighbors.

City officials say crews are working around the clock to get all 15 pumps running and operation.