NEW ORLEANS - Crescent Park in New Orleans is a 20-acre oasis along the Mississippi River where people can enjoy the scenery and escape the hectic life on the other side of the tracks.

Apparently there may soon be no escaping a parking ticket if you stay in the Piety Street lot too long. The French Market Corporation wants to charge a fee for patrons who park in the lot for more than 90 minutes or after the park is closed.

"It's put here for the people of the city and there's already enough pay for parking around here," Destiny Karash-Givens said. "We don't need another spot."

Karash-Givens and her friend Ronald Charles Chavis spent some time in Crescent Park Tuesday morning.

"If they instill a parking fee I don't see myself returning or coming if I can simply run in Audubon or run around my neighborhood for free," Chavis said.

"I don't think it would be fair, especially to the people in the neighborhood and the people who come run the bridge a lot and just come here just kind of enjoy the area," Karash-Givens said.

A city spokesperson released this statement: "The French Market Corporation (FMC) is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of various City properties. The idea to turn the Crescent Park parking lot into a paid lot is one option being considered to allow FMC to continue to cover the costs associated with maintaining the lot, which is used by people visiting the park during the day as well as people visiting the restaurants and businesses after park hours. No action has been taken at this time to make any changes to the parking lot."

Bywater neighbor "Bud "called the French Market's parking proposal a buzz kill.

"If they're going to start charging, then I have to start worrying about a ticket when I come out here after I'm like relaxed for a second," he said. "To me, it makes no sense."