Cleanup efforts continued Monday days after heavy rains brought severe widespread flooding to parts of the New Orleans Metro area Saturday.

Residents across the city returned to their stalled vehicles they abandoned in rising flood waters. Damp items lined the streets outside homes and business as owners took advantage of the sunlight to dry out.

Eyewitness News Reporter Jacaqueline Quynh returned to Mid-City Monday afternoon near the intersection of Solomon Street and Tulane Avenue. Saturday, floodwaters in that area had risen to the top of tires on vehicles.

One man told Quynh that even though he moved his car off the streets, water quickly rose to the bottom of the vehicle’s door. He said he was surprised that the vehicle started the next day.

A family on Tulane Avenue tossed electronics and ruined mattresses outside their home Monday afternoon. A woman said nine inches of water flooded her home Saturday afternoon.

One business owner on Broad Street said that the water sat inside her property for hours before draining. She said that she had recently purchased new inventory to replace items lost in flooding event on July 22.