NEW ORLEANS – Investigators believe a woman whose body was found floating in an Audubon Park lagoon Monday morning was in the water for 12 hours, but they do not suspect foul play.

A statement from Dr. Jeffrey Rouse, the Orleans Parish coroner, confirmed that the woman had drowned.

"On Monday, in the lagoon at Audubon Park, investigators discovered the body of a middle aged female, possibly homeless as suggested by scene evidence. Autopsy revealed no trauma and that the cause of death was drowning. Toxicology and other medical testing is pending, as is fingerprint confirmation of identity," said Rouse.

"We don’t have any information to suggest there was any foul play at this time," Superintendent Michael Harrison said Tuesday. He declined to comment further.

The woman is between 40 and 50 years old, a source said.

Police have no reports of anyone missing who fits the woman’s description, and they have no leads about her identity, according to the source.

While the woman was found in an area of the park that is popular with joggers and cyclists, Harrison said there is no reason people should fear for their safety.

“Citizens should always be concerned with their safety and should always be aware of their surroundings. We want them to be safe and feel safe,” he said. “The park is very safe."