NEW ORLEANS - The end of the closures on the High Rise could be in sight as crews are working late in hopes of having the lanes reopen before the holidays.

Traffic on the interstate has been causing severe delays after a fire occurred under the High Rise last week. NOPD and State Troopers will be out during rush hour to keep traffic flowing and traffic signals will be adjusted.

However, to say traffic has been rough is an understatement.

Earnest Conner said he has spent hours commuting through the traffic for the past five days.
“Help a brother out, exactly, help a brother out,” Conner said.

The Department of Transportation and Development says there might be some good news ahead as they are expecting to reopen the closed lanes before Thanksgiving and possibly as early as Tuesday.

"We're fortunate we have the contractors, Boh Brothers which is experienced local contractor and their yard is right down the street from the site,” Chris Morvant, of DOTD, said.

Morvant said crews are working late into the day to repair the girders to reinforce and support underneath the bridge.

"It's a constant worry for us and we want to get this work done as soon as we can,” he said.
DOTD explained that fortunately steel rebar was never damaged so the repairs should take less time to complete.

"Once this temporary fix is in place, we'll come back and look at the designs for a permanent fix,” Morvant said.

There is no word yet on how that could impact traffic but Conner will take any help he can get to ease traffic.

"I could be at home on my X-Box playing my games, or playing with son,” Conner said.