NEW ORLEANS -- New Orleans residents are no strangers to storm preparations, but the city's hamstrung drainage system and road conditions in some neighborhoods are putting them on edge.

Lakeview residents stocked up on water, bread and beer today to get them through the storm. Next on the to-do list was finding a safe place to park their cars over the weekend.

"My car is my baby," Tanya McFarlene said. So if we can park it on high ground we will.

While Lakeview residents focused on food, water and parking, neighbors who live in Midcity are concerned about drainage issues causing sinkholes on their streets. They say the August flood was so bad, they can't even imagine what a bigger storm will be like.

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"It's the apprehension of the waiting," Russell Talluto said. He's lived on Taft Place for 45 years. He says the flooding gets worse with every rainfall.

"There's gonna be water," Talluto said about the upcoming storm. "All of Orleans goes underwater."

Other neighbors on Taft Place are preparing as well.

"We got the sandbags here because when we had the flood, the water came up and we got three inches of water in the house," Larry Esprite said.

"I actually installed a pump yesterday in the lowest point of my house," Jason Goodenough said.

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Goodenough is watching the ground around his driveway slowly cave in. It's making him more anxious than usual as Tropical Storm Nate moves toward Louisiana.

"I'm more concerned than I used to be when a tropical storm comes to town," Goodenough said.

Residents say they've done what they can. Now they're ready to ride it out.

"This is not my first rodeo," Esprite said. "I've lived here all my life so I know what to do."

The city will not be offering vertical evacuation but suggests leaving cars on high ground. The city will not ticket cars parked on the neutral ground