NEW ORLEANS – After months of construction near the intersection of Canal Boulevard and City Park Avenue the road is back open, but local drivers say the new intersection is confusing.

The new intersection is part of changes that came with construction for the Regional Transport Authority’s Cemeteries Transit Center.

“There is no line there so some drivers don't know whether or not to stop,” resident Leslie Penn said.

From behind the wheel, the turn from Canal Boulevard onto City Park is very short. The timing and lack of striping possibly leads some drivers to keep going.

"This never used to be a red light, this was just a yield sign,” Penn said.

Penn lives near the intersection and says the light is causing back-ups especially during peak hours.

Eyewitness News asked the New Orleans Police Department about the intersection. They say drivers are required to obey the traffic signal and stop on red.

According to NOPD, drivers are required to stop. A citation is possible for running the light, but RTA acknowledges there is an issue.

“Confusion with this particular signal…we are working with the Department of Public Works to address the situation with new signage,” a spokesperson for RTA said.

The RTA says they are still looking into WWL-TV’s inquiry. This story will be updated.