NEW ORLEANS -- A park in the heart of the city is about to get a multi-million dollar makeover. What the new park will look like though, is up to you. 

Duncan Plaza sits right across from City Hall and it’s coming under new ownership. The City Council approved plans for the Downtown Development District to oversee Duncan Plaza for the next 20 years. The DDD will be in charge of maintenance and planning, including a 5 million dollar redesign of the green space.

The goal is to make improvements based on feedback from the community.

LaToya Cantrell oversees District B, which includes the park. She’s excited to see what the public has in mind.

“We’re doing it for them, it’s theirs,” Cantrell said. “We want them to own it, respect it, nurture and take care of it. We have to be mindful that public spaces are just that- for the public.”

Ideas have ranged from playgrounds to water fountains, and there is one must have everyone can agree on.

“More benches, more sit down areas,” Suyrriah Bonds said.

“More benches so people who work around here can go to the park and have lunch,” Therese Wegman agreed.

Cantrell says the important thing is having green spaces in the middle of the city.

“That’s the end goal, improving the quality of life for the people,” Cantrell said.

Those who use the park appreciate it.

“I’m really thankful for it,” Bonds said. “I’m all for parks and recreational areas so the more parks the better in New Orleans.”

“Everyone can use it,” Robert Dauchy said. “Whether you walk around like me or picnic with your family or walk your dog. It’s for everyone.”

Cantrell said the first step is opening the planning process to the public.