NEW ORLEANS - Entergy had to explain why more than 5,000 French Quarter residents and workers were left without power on December 1. If you live or work in the French Quarter, you'll remember this incident knocked out power to the Quarter for two hours.

Restaurants struggled to remain open, while others had to turn customers away. An Entergy spokesperson says the outage happened near Dauphine and Dumaine.

Protective equipment was supposed to stop power from going to the underground line as a safety precaution, however the equipment also stopped power from going to the transformer. As a result, 5,400 French Quarter customers lost power. The outage was a huge inconvenience for local business owners. Entergy says they're taking steps to insure this doesn't happen again.

The council did not ask any questions about the presentation, but asked the information from the December first outage and several other smaller outages be added to a reliability docket the council has already opened.