NEW ORLEANS -- A four-day Flood Recovery Resource Center opened Wednesday for anyone affected by the recent flooding, and the first day saw a huge response from the public.

The flooding that hit New Orleans two weeks ago took a toll on residents.

"I had about two feet of water through the whole house," said Jim Arbuckle.

Which is why the city is holding a four-day flood resource fair. The first day brought many wanting answers.

"We have about nine of our partners who work with us in any time of an emergency to help get residents get back on their feet," said Senior Advisor Communications Director, Tyronne Walker.

Flood victims were able to get brochures, ask questions, get legal advice and fill out paperwork. Within the first hour, about 70 people had come seeking help.

"To receive some kind of assistance and to get myself back together again," said Geraldine Carmouche.

"It's hard, I'm a vet and I'm just trying to live life," Arbuckle said.

However, not everyone got their questions answered, especially those with flood damage to their car. Whether it was caught in the flood or sitting right in front of their house, many want to know what they should do next.

"A lot of people were affected but not only in their homes, but more people with their cars," said Phyllis Matthews.

Matthews says she has spent two weeks with no car and no answers. She hoped the fair would provide her with more clarity into her situation.

"I've been fighting, fighting, fighting with my car insurance provider," she said. "I haven't been out of my house since Sunday."

Even though the fair didn't address all her needs, she like many others say it did provide comfort.

"Absolutely," Carmouche said. "It's definitely resourceful and it's definitely a help, a great help."

It showed participants it may be a long road ahead, but that ultimately they'll get through it.

The fair will open Thursday from 3pm-7pm and again Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Corpus Christi-Epiphany Community Resource Center.