NEW ORLEANS -- Saturday's flooding was significant in parts of Lakeview. With word there's a chance it could happen again, concern is growing.

Several businesses along Harrison Avenue have been spending the past few days trying to stay afloat.

"We were not quite a foot deep, but 8 inches in the bar and behind the bar," said Parlay's bartender, James Bonck.

They weren't alone.

"The water kept rising and rising and quickly," said Lakeview Burger & Seafood owner, Joseph Faroldi. "It was not going anywhere."

Parlay's and neighbor, Lakeview Burger and Seafood, both saw heavy flooding during Saturday's weather event, forcing them to close their doors for repairs.

"It's been very hectic trying to get up and running," said Parlay's General Manager, Anna Boudousque.

"We're small businesses you know and it takes a toll," Faroldi said. "Not only the downtime but you know the loss of product, loss of revenue for that whole day. In the summertime every minute counts."

After working around the clock, many are now open for business. However, early Thursday morning, fear came flooding back because with more than half the pumps that drain the area not working, it's possible Saturday could repeat itself.

"Yes, it's a concern and I'm praying the weather doesn't happen like that again," Boudousque said. "We don't want to have to do this again because we're exhausted."

"It's just so reminiscent of the storms we had after Katrina," Faroldi said. "You know, please not again. How much can you take?"

With sandbags at the ready, some are doing what they can to prepare.

"The alerts have been going off on our phones, we're monitoring the levels," Bonck saod.

They're also trying to not let the situation and compromised pumping equipment dampen their spirits or their business.