NEW ORLEANS -- The Frenchmen Street Art Market is closing.

The space will be shut down until September when a new art market moves in. Many call it bitter sweet, but both the property owner and the owner of the Art Market promise better things to come.

"I'm sad, but I'm ready to move one," Art Market Manager Kate Gaar said.

Gaar has operated the Art Market for the last five years. When Gregor Fox bought the property, he told Gaar she'd only have one year left before she'd have to pack up and leave.

"It's my property and I wanted my property," Fox said.

A lawsuit followed.

"I didn't start it," Fox said. "She did start it."

Gaar sees it differently.

"We were just questioning our rights. That's all. And it took this long to work it out through the legal system," Gaar said.

A legal system which found Fox in the right to rent to property to another tenant.

"I won in the local court, I won in the appilette court," Fox said.

Now Gaar is leaving behind her creation and starting something new, running the art market from the Art Garage at 2231 St. Claude. In true New Orleans fashion, Gaar will leave the property with a second line Tuesday, July 25, at 7 p.m.

"Everyone loves a parade," Gaar said.

Fox will try his hand running a new art market from the Frenchmen Street location.

"It will be a better market, it will be more professionally run and it will be better for the artists," Fox said.

Gaar thinks he might change his tune.

"Let's see how he feels about it after he starts to run his own," Gaar said.

Whatever the outcome, as one art market closes two more will open and both Gaar and Fox say they're ready for the challenge.