NEW ORLEANS - A front-end loader caught fire near possibly dangerous chemicals Friday afternoon, forcing the evacuation of multiple buildings around the Nashville Street Wharf.

According to the New Orleans Fire Department, the piece of heavy equipment caught fire around 11:45 a.m. at the Nashville Street Wharf, sending large amounts of black smoke into the air and temporarily closing the port access road.

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A hazmat unit was called to the scene after firefighters saw that the front-end loader was moving potentially dangerous chemicals. The hazmat unit determined that the chemical containers had not been breached and the fire was extinguished.

The fire was confined to the piece of equipment and did not threaten any nearby buildings, though those were evacuated out of an abundance of caution.

NOFD officials say the fire was under control as of 1:01 p.m. and no injuries were reported. The cause of the first is under investigation.