NEW ORLEANS – Whether it ends up just being a nuisance or something more, Monday’s heavy rains and street flooding caused jitters, anger and concern among residents in the areas that flooded heavily on July 22 and Aug. 5.

Parts of Gentilly, some spots in Lakeview and areas of Treme again had water in the streets getting perilously close to businesses.

Tracy Alfonso of Orleans Sheet Metal Works and Roofing on Orleans near Broad Street was keeping vigil outside of her family’s business, which saw what she described as “Katrina-style’ flooding on Aug. 5.

She was outside of the business in a large umbrella trying to discourage drivers from passing by quickly and pushing water into the business.

Alfonso said they still haven’t replaced many of the materials and office furniture lost on Aug. 5.

“We haven’t even gotten paid in full from our insurance from the first time around,” she said. “Look at us, we’re in Rubbermaid containers. We’ve been here 80 years, 90 years, my great-grandfather started the business. This is horrific. No wonder the city is going down.”

Alfonso said she was unhappy, but not surprised at the events of the day.

“To be honest, yeah,” she said when asked if she expected something like this to happen again. “The city hasn’t done anything. There’s a broken drain down there, they can fix our spot, but it’s all connected, if they can’t fix it straight through, look at it.”