NEW ORLEANS - A memorial is set up in the 7th Ward where 18-year-old Mylan Lassai was shot and killed Thursday night. Several people were fighting back tears sharing memories of him.

One woman who didn't want to be identified said Lassai always had a smile and a loving attitude for everybody and that the 18-year-old was a good kid.

According to New Orleans Police, four people were shot Thursday night in the 7th ward on the corner of Rocheblave and Allen streets. Lassai was the only person who died.

"He had a smile on his face everyday. He went to school, he wanted to make it out of high school, do something with his life but he's in the trenches; he's in the hood," said his brother Dorion Watson.

Watson spray-painted a memorial for Lassai in the spot where he was gunned down. Blood was still visible on the sidewalk and Lassai's bike was still on the ground.

Family and friends were feeling the pain in a neighborhood that the NOPD said was turning around. Watson said he wants to see more changes.

"I want to see God come around here and change things," said Watson.

NOPD are still investigating this deadly shooting. If you have any information, call New Orleans police or Crimestoppers at 822.1111.