NEW ORLEANS- The weather outside is frightful and that means it’s time to find ways to prepare and stay warm.

Eyewitness News talked to residents and officials about how they are dealing with the drop in temperature.

"I got jeans on, a long sleeve shirt and Uggs and I'm freezing,” one residents said.

"I had to be outside so it wasn't that fun, I'm a carpenter,” another resident said.

Norris Williams lives on the Northshore where they might see flurries this week. He said he plans to make some minor preparations.

"You know, just make sure the pipes are wrapped and make sure the dog is in the house,” Williams said.

The weather could bring icy conditions and that’s why officials on the Northshore are reviewing their plans. Tangipahoa Parish will have public works crews on call as well as sand and salt for the roads ready. St. Tammany’s plan is similar but for now have just sand ready.

Both parishes say they will monitor the weather to see if any changes in preparations need to be made.

The Department of Transportation and Development is also closely watching the weather and have not made any announcements yet.