NEW ORLEANS - Judge Kern Reese has denied a request for an injunction to prevent the city of New Orleans from taking down the P.G.T. Beauregard statue at the entrance to City Park.

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Richard Marksbury had filed suit earlier this week as a private citizen, contending that the City Park board and not the city of New Orleans owned the statue and the land upon which it sits.

"I’m disappointed and I’ll be talking to people about to decide whether or not to go to the Fourth Circuit, because the key here probably is to get to the Supreme Court," said Marksbury after the hearing. He wants to question the papers that he says show that City Park and not the city of New Orleans, owns the Beauregard monument.

Mayor Mitch Landrieu reacted to the ruling by saying that it is time to move from the debate in the courtroom and to removing the monuments.

"The law is the law, so we’re going to move forward with taking the monuments down." Landrieuu would not give a timetable, only reiterating his mantra that they would come down "sooner rather than later."

The judge had denied an earlier temporary restraining order request, but did hold a hearing Wednesday, at which time the request for an injunction was denied.

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Beauregard is one of 3 Confederate-era statues still slated to be taken down by the City of New Orleans.

A bill in the state legislature to prevent removal of the monuments is still awaiting a house debate.