NEW ORLEANS -- Spencer Martin and his four-year-old son love spending quality time together at Lafitte Greenway's playground. While street lights shine along the main trails, it's the dark spots that scare him.

"I feel like they need to have more lights, you know," Martin said.

A basketball court, covered in darkness, is the perfect example. Martin worries about the safety of teens who may be using it for fun.

"As I look down there I see four poles ... and there isn't any lights. They might not have anywhere to go practice, but this park," Martin said.

Treva May also uses the trail regularly.

"I walk from Canal Place where I work and I used the Greenway to get exercise to walk home," May said.

Just like Martin, after sunset May makes sure she's at home. Especially after hearing a man was allegedly

beaten and robbed in the area.

"Sadly that's not the first I heard of something like that happening," May said.

The NOPD tells Eyewitness News a 42-year-old man was approached by four men around 10:30 Wednesday night.

The men allegedly struck the victim, taking his phone and wallet from his pocket before getting away.

In addition to the NOPD, the New Orleans Recreation Department Commission provides security patrols for the Greenway. NOPD says they plan on adjusting their tactics and are focusing on additional efforts in the area.

Beefing up patrols is exactly what Rayana Sibley wants. Sibley comes to the park often with three children.

"In the mornings when you come, there's like homeless people in the park. So, you don't know if you're safe or not," Sibley said.

The NOPD also says this recent robbery is an open and ongoing investigation. They are also calling it an unusual occurrence.