NEW ORLEANS – People who live in Lakeview are used to seeing the Canal Blvd. underpass fill up with water when it rains, but Saturday was different with the water nearly touching the train trestle.

“This is not like anything I’ve seen,” said Jade Bonck. “I grew up in Lakeview and I’ve never seen it like this.”

So much water came down in such a short period of time that the only way to get around wasn’t by land – but by sea. Chris Emig got a flash flood warning on his phone and couldn’t believe what he saw a short while later.

“It wasn’t long, maybe an hour after and I stepped outside and my street was flooded and my eyes just went down the street and we saw this (badly flooded streets) and had to pull the boats out.”

Those who tried to get around with four wheels found nothing but water and frustration at every turn. Maria Murray tried to wait out the flooding but quickly realized she wasn’t getting home anytime soon.

“I’m from Minnesota and you wouldn’t have this problem up north,” she said. “I can drive through snow. I can’t drive through the tsunami.”

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And while the flooding under the Canal Blvd. underpass wasn’t a shock, it caught people and businesses on Harrison Avenue off guard when water began to creep inside.

The bartender at Parlay’s was trying to slow down cars after floodwaters swamped the streets and began entering the business.

“I can’t even leave and I’m sopping wet and I’m walking in Katrina water practically,” said Anna Boudousque. “We are making the best of it.”

Boudousque said there wasn’t much she could do but wait to start the cleanup after the nearly one foot of water drained. She said she’s been at the bar for years and hasn’t seen it flood during a rainstorm like that.